Green-clean pledge

First and foremost, it should be known and understood that ALL of our cleaning procedures are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, kid friendly, pet friendly, and environmentally-conscious. This is a pledge that we do not compromise for results, nor do we contest our integrity over. We believe in healthy solutions to cleaning, after all: isn't it counter-productive to clean one thing to dirty up another? Nothing should be cleaner than a clean bill of health! :)

Potions & solutions

Our solutions and mixtures are all prepared on-site; made to order! We call these products "potions" and we typically set up a small "alchemy lab" within your home or business and prepare these potions on-the-spot. As mentioned in the pledge, we use all non-toxic and hypoallergenic chemicals that are pet friendly, kid friendly, and environmentally friendly! We use mostly Aerus: Home Solutions products, with a few tweaks and modifications of our own to produce unique and magnificent results. Our process is truly one-of-a-kind - the absolute definition of premium service!



Our carpet and furniture potions are all-inclusive. Fully equipped with a deodorizer, disinfectant, and fabric protectant, our potions promise that you can rest assured we're not missing a single step in our cleaning methods. First up: the deodorizer. Our deodorizer is a pleasantly aromatic enzyme that neutralizes general odor. The smell is really easy on the nose - not perfumey or overwhelming.



Second on the list: disinfectant. The potions are equipped with an isolated  and concentrated disinfectant that targets bacteria, fungi, and harmful allergens that lay dormant in your carpet and furniture. This is one of the key elements to productive carpet and furniture cleaning for obvious reasons; getting rid of these nuisances is really the whole point in getting your carpet or furniture cleaned - you're significantly reducing the chances of getting sick at home through simple breathing and walking around barefoot. Health is always important, and it is definitely our top priority.


fabric protectant

Third we have: fabric protectant. The potions hold silica its greatest glory! Silica is a chemical compound that acts as a fabric protectant for carpet and furniture; it keeps dust and dirt on the surface so that whenever you vacuum, it's like self-cleaning. Silica is typically worn away after about a year's use, so we typically recommend our process once a year to ensure that you always have a fresh coating of silica on the fibers. Vacuuming once a week with silica will ensure that you see much better results after vacuuming, and is key to maintaining carpet longevity!



"In the beginning there was: The Vacuum." Clarity 2:16

The first step to proper carpet cleaning is to vacuum. Before we begin any wet procedure, whether it be spot and stain treatment or shampooing, we ALWAYS start with the vacuum. Ridding the carpet (and upholstery) of dust, dander, and daily dysfunctional debris is key to preparing the area for cleaning; otherwise we might as well make mud sandwiches on the surface! :(



Vacuuming the creases and crevices of any surface is essential. By attaching the hose to the vacuum, and the crevice tool to the hose, we're able to get to those corners - we're able to get behind those hard to reach places - we're able to secure full coverage when vacuuming so that you can rest assured that the job was done efficiently and effectively - thorough and thoroughly.


Stain & spot treatment

While vacuuming, our potions are being heated to a boiling point in counter-safe containers that we deploy within your home or business. The first potion we're stirring up is our stain remover. Completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly (like all of our products), our stain remover is comprised of a peroxygen compound, which is essentially a mild variant of powderized peroxide. When the water we're heating reaches a boiling point, we release the compound in the boiling-hot water and allow it to dissolve. Once it's ready, off into the spray bottle it goes to attack the stains that stand against us; but like all battles - you win some, you lose some.There are many many variables that affect the forgiving nature of stains. Stain removal is not guaranteed, but we will ALWAYS try our best to either remove the stain, or lighten it as MUCH as possible.


pet stains & odor

Pets... pets, pets, pets... If it wasn't for unconditional love, they would've been kicked out AGES ago! BUT... The love does exist - and that's why we take pet stains and odors very seriously. We use a professional-grade pet disinfecting and deodorizing enzyme in which we call: Pet Treatment. Upon request, we will mix this solution into the shampoo and stain removing potions to ensure the most prominent and prosperous results - full implementation of the pet treatment will enable complete saturation, allowing the deodorizing enzymes to permeate the air and freshen up the joint!

Carpet cleaning

This is where the fun begins :) Our entire process, whether it carpet or furniture, revolves around the circular dry-foam method. Our shampooing machines are of an age-old patented design by the well known home-cleaning and appliance company, Electrolux. Not the new Electrolux that you may see in typical department stores; the old Electrolux that was bought out by a company named Aerus - they also bought out all of the patented designs, which hold the quality of the originals. Each machine is equipped with 3 brushes and a tank filled with on-site mixed potions. When the machine is actively cleaning, the brushes rotate in a circular, clockwise motion at several-hundred RPMs. Once the machine is queued to dispense the potion, the brushes lather the potion into a thick foam, which then expands, grabs the dirt, soil, and any other contaminants in the carpet, then attaches said contaminants onto the bottom of the plate on the machine, in which we clean before and after every job. Our process is very similar to how you would wash your hair, where steam cleaning is basically like rinsing your hair with water only and saying you washed it... No you didn't! And the best part? Not only should it dry in less than 3 hours, but all of our solutions, ingredients, and materials are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, pet friendly, kid friendly, and health conscious. It's all hypoallergenic too! Drying time is typically 1-3 hours.


Nap lifting

Shampooing carpet can often times leave it very flat and matted if you happen to have pile or high-pile carpet. Nap lifting alleviates the potential problem. After shampooing pile, high-pile, or any carpet that ends up looking flat or matted, we dismiss the brushes from the bottom of our shampooing machines and replace them with nap lifters. Nap lifters are attachments that work as combs for the carpet; they are 3 circular devices that have 3 sections of 4 combs each - you do the math ;) These combs move in a circular, clockwise motion along the surface to comb the carpet back to its fluffiest state, so that carpet looks as close to brand-new as possible. They are the magical finishing touch that solidifies a professional carpet cleaning job.



Stairs are usually a high traffic area, so we handle them by hand; good old fashioned elbow grease! The potion for stairs is typically prepared with a lot of brightener to ensure the strongest attempt at aesthetic consistency and cleanliness. Once shampooed with a hand brush in a circular motion, we then wipe the surface down with a microfiber cloth - the foam is designed to "jump" to the cloth, allowing for the most thorough cleaningDrying time is typically 3-5 hours.


Area rugs

Area rugs follow the same protocol as wall to wall carpet, except the potion is mixed a bit differently depending on the material - the measurements and mixtures have to be altered if there's wool or silk in the blend for example. We typically shampoo area rugs multiple times to ensure the brightest results - we love to see the colors pop when finished. Instant gratification! Drying time is typically 1-2 hours.



We are more than willing to move furniture, so long as the limitations and restrictions are honored. These limitations and restrictions include the following: we will not move electronics, plants, items with sentimental value, excessively heavy items, and items that are overly complicated to move. We also reserve the right to decline or deny certain items to be moved based on our level of comfort with moving said item. Typical items are typically able to be moved, but because moving furniture broadens the complications involved with the job, moving furniture is also subject to price increase and modification because it ties in with our price altering mechanics - level of difficulty and complication.

Furniture cleaning

Furniture is a word that can mean many things... A lamp is a piece of furniture but... The type of furniture we clean is upholstery. Upholstered couches, loveseats, ottomans, chaises, dining room chairs, wing-chairs... and mattresses too :O Sometimes that may be necessary for whatever reason ;) Our furniture cleaning method is the same - circular dry-foam, but we use an entirely different set of tools. Tools like... a drill for example. We use battery operated drills with soft, nylon-bristle brush heads to do the dirty work. After applying the shampoo by either spraying upon the surface, or by dipping the brush head into the mixture, we pull the trigger - and the brush then moves in a circular motion to expand the potion to a lather, grabbing the filth in the foam, which we then wipe away with microfiber cloths - the foam is designed to "jump" to the cloth, allowing for the most thorough cleaning. Drying time is typically 3-5 hours.


"Low moisture"

In some cases, some furniture material/fabric may be extremely susceptible to our typical, high moisture cleaning - fabrics like silk, velvet, or velour. In these instances, we spray the potions in a light mist and gently wipe away the treachery with microfiber cloths. This provides a very gentle-but-thorough cleaning and has all the impact of a regular, more abrasive cleaning - just without the abrasive approach. Drying time is typically 1-3 hours.


Upholstered vehicle interior

Clarity also cleans the upholstered interior of all vehicle types! Similar to all of our other types of cleanings, we do the work on-site, at your home or business - no need to drive the vehicle to our location or any of those kinds of hassled complications. We treat interiors like furniture - all items are cleaned by hand and should take 3-5 hours to dry. Don't get this confused with interior detailing though - we do not do detailing; this service is strictly a shampooing for upholstered vehicle interiors! Although we are thorough, this service does not include a dashboard wipe-down and all that jazz. Drying time is typically 3-5 hours.