Summery & Synopsis

All services are all inclusive

Carpet Cleaning Services:

○ Vacuum & Crevice
○ Stain Treatment & Removal
○ Circular Dry-Foam Shampoo & Conditioning:
    • Deodorizer
    • Disinfectant
    • Fabric Protector
○ Nap-Lift & Comb Pile
○ 2-Hour Drying Time


Furniture Cleaning Services:

○ Vacuum & Crevice
○ Stain Treatment & Removal
○ Shampoo & Conditioning By Hand:
    • Deodorizer
    • Disinfectant
    • Fabric Protector
○ Microfiber Cloth Wipe Down
○ 3-6 Hour Drying Time:
    •Some Fabrics May Take Longer Depending On Level Of Absorption



All estimates are free and flexible according to package deals, location, condition, and size.


Why Choose


Renowned for it's unique "Circular Dry-Foam" cleaning process, Clarity is ONE of only TWO companies in Chicago that provides this method of carpet and furniture cleaning. Our process is much like shampooing and conditioning your hair, where steam cleaning is like just rinsing... which would you call "clean"? Well, according to Richard Byrne of Nationwide Consumer Testing Institute, Clarity's process gets out about 92%-98% of all dirt, filth, and soil within your carpet and furniture, where steam cleaning only gets out about 12%-18%. The choice is clear... Clarity Clear

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After the great job I’ve just witnessed Dorian do, I’ll never use another carpet cleaning company while living in Chicago, EVER!
— Rachinda, Chicago - Yelp ★★★★★
The work was outstanding! He really took his time vacuuming and cleaning all of the carpets, and he was able to remove stains that we thought were permanent.
— Sarah, Chicago - Yelp ★★★★★
I fell in love with the design and detail of the website: so very informative and clean to look at; very user friendly and I was able to book an appointment right online!
— Kristie, Oswego - Yelp ★★★★★
The work was exceptional. The owner was able to fully answer all my questions, and everything made sense for the average person. I will definitely use them again.
— William, Chicago - Yelp ★★★★★
I could not believe he got that area rug so clean!!! and the furniture looked new again! I was thrilled!!! He told me it would look even better once it dried...HE WAS RIGHT! I waited until it was completely dry and saw it in daylight to write this review....VERY HAPPY with the job! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me. :)
— Lisa, Chicago - Yelp ★★★★★



We believe in providing top-notch, top-quality work and ALWAYS work to the best of our ability - that's why we stand behind our work. We guarantee to always provide honest and accurate estimates and pricing, and we guarantee to always work to the best of our ability at every single job site. This promise is to never be compromised - it's where our pride comes from!


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About us

Clarity Carpet & Furniture cleaning

Clarity Carpet & Furniture Cleaning is what you might call "A carpet and furniture cleaning company" :P Founded in 2017, and based in the great city of Chicago, the owner decided to venture off from a highly reputed carpet cleaning company he had been a part of for 10 years. Through those years, he developed ideas and innovations to expand on the original concept. Now is the time to turn those ideas into reality! Now is the time to demonstrate the next approach in carpet and furniture cleaning!