True-price pledge

Honest and accurate pricing is an essential element to satisfaction. Our pricing mechanics are designed to fit everyone's budget, and we constantly offer coupons to ensure that you're always getting a deal! Our true-price pledge promises the right price with the right information - aside from the package deals, all of our prices are based on square footage, number of stairs, size and type of furniture, and the condition of the items being cleaned. We always provide the price before we start to ensure your 100% approval - no blind-siding  or upselling here!


All included

Our pricing mechanics are all inclusive - prices include a pre-vacuum, a pre-treatment of stains, a deodorizer, a disinfectant, and a fabric protector - if your carpet has pile or high-pile, the price also include a nap-lift. The only thing we charge extra for is pet odor treatment - a deodorizing enzyme designed to carry the odor outside of your home or business within 48-72 hours. Pet treatment starts at $40, and covers up to 400 square feet for that price - after that, it's 10¢-20¢ per sqft.



Clarity has a $140 minimum to do work in the city, a $150 minimum to do work in the downtown/loop area, and a variable price range to do work in the suburbs. If you're in the suburbs, and you are within 15 miles of Chicago, the minimum for your area would be $180 - if you are between 16-30 miles of Chicago, the minimum for your area would be $225 - if you are between 31-45 miles of Chicago, the minimum would be $300, and at any point beyond that, the minimum would be $300 + $7 per mile beyond 46 miles.