Economically conscious

Here at Clarity Carpet & Furniture Cleaning, we believe in economic resolve - that's why we offer Clarity Coupons, a subscription service in which coupons will be emailed to you regularly, and exclusively! 

"Clarity Coupons!" subscription

CLICK HERE to subscribe to Clarity Coupons and receive exclusive offers only available through the mailing list. All you need to submit is your email address - that's it, that's all! ♥

Referral bonuses & incentives

The absolute most important method of advertisement is word-of-mouth. We believe our success relies on the quality of our work, the professionalism in our customer service, and the gossip of our loyal customers ☺ Our refer-a-friend program gives 20% off for your friend, and rewards you with a $20 credit for a future cleaning; these credits stack. Refer 10 friends, and you'll receive a bonus $100 on top of the credits you've already earned ♥